Simone de Beauvoir & Jean-Paul Sartre

Simone de Beauvoir, Suite 11

She: Simone de Beauvoir... A name that still sounds in our collective unconscious, because of "The Second Sex" her most famous work. This female philosopher quickly became a fervent defender of female rights. Politically active, and an ardent advocate of existentialism, she fought for women through her way of life as well as her work.

He: Three years older than the woman he called Castor (the French for Beaver, which is very close to how her name is pronounced), Jean-Paul Sartre was also a philosopher, novelist and essayist. He was also deeply involved in the political struggles of his time and became one of the iconic figures of French thought in the 20th century. 

Together: Beauvoir and Sartre shared more than 50 years of their lives and their thoughts, inspiring each other and working successfully together. Their leitmotif was "liberty" and the couple is as famous for the sexual adventures they both had as for their intellectual and emotional chemistry... 

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